“Kambo has been a part of my path of self healing and discovery for two years now. I cannot rave enough as to how life changing this sacred medicine has been. I started working with Ayahuasca and got the call for Kambo after an Aya retreat in Brazil. I always say Kambo is like a cherry on top to what I’m working through. He/she is very straight forward and to the point. It amazes me how quickly I can clear and attract energies into my life after Ceremonies.

Kambo has helped improve my health tremendously which includes a major weight loss. My life is now focused on heart centered living, and my self love is out of this world.

Most recently I went to Christina to help with Epstein-Barr. She explained that we would not focus on the actual virus but the emotions that caused the virus, and the specific organs these emotions are stored in. To date this was the most beautiful and gentle ceremony I’ve participated in (note, all ceremonies are different and you may experience a really hard one and then the next one will be beautiful and gentle. This was definitely my case).

During the ceremony Christina was very attentive and in tune with my needs. She explained that when she tells me to drink water, do it. For it’ll help me go deeper into my process. I did just that and my purges were the best I’ve ever had with Kambo. She [Christina] really knows how to push you when you need to be pushed and I like that. She’s truly here to get you exactly where you need to be and it is very apparent the Kambo uses her as a vessel. 

I have sat with other practitioners and I prefer Christina for many reasons. She’s very conscious about the space she holds and ensures it is clear and a sacred container. She also sings beautiful medicine songs which really resonate with my soul. Most of all, I can feel her there supporting me through my process. This is huge for me.

I’m very grateful that Kambo and Christina have come into my life. I would recommend both of them a million times over.”


“First I would like to thank you again for the work you are doing with the medicine. You came across as completely honest without the hint of any manipulation which I find rare in our culture. To use a term that comes off a little paradoxical, you are a true soldier fighting in the trenches to make this a better world. It makes my heart glow warm for people like you.”


“I am always trying new practices. So I have a substantial base from which to compare. My current thinking is, “I wonder why problem X or problem Y seemed so significant yesterday. Why was I worried about that?”  Nothing had changed in the physical universe at all. It’s pretty interesting. So, I am clearly way better and happier than (maybe) ever. The following days are full of realizations also. I figured out how childhood illnesses were affecting me 60 years after the fact. Would have never considered that possibility.

Now, let’s get to Christina. She is so professional. It is crystal clear that she is focused on you and is going to help you make this the best possible experience. She is very sincere, wholly genuine. You will see the same for certain. Can’t wait to get back with Christina to embark on the next adventure. Impossible to overstate the benefits.”


“I have found kambo to be such a beautiful, powerful medicine and I have been so curious and delighted to watch the magic unfold. Each day of integration since ceremony has brought new insight. I am so deeply grateful that I found you who offers kambo with such high intent and love! 

It has been a fascinating journey so far. Our ceremonies together were a perfect start to the spring season, and I am so honored to have this medicine, and you as kambo priestess, in my life.”


“From the moment you walk in, till the moment you leave, Christina makes it a point to take great care of you. She has clear communication about the process and intentions, as well as how to help guide you through your journey. I highly recommend her facilitation, for she holds beautiful and trustworthy space. I’m grateful for the care and love she so gracefully offers.”


“I appreciate you being there with me during that time of healing. I greatly mask my emotions to the extent that NO ONE knows how depressed and self-hating I can be. Being able to express my raw emotions in the presence of another human was a huge step forward for me.

That, in addition to the medicine itself, has me feeling significantly different on this day, and I hope this continues for many days! I feel wonderful about myself!

Also, the song you sang when you were with me really hit home and helped me in that time. The words you sang resonated deeply within me and added to my emotional response. It’s almost as if you knew (in the same way that the medicine knows) what I needed at that time. You are quite the healer!

The ceremony in its entirety was simply a beautiful experience and I just had to reach out again to thank you for your time and devotion to the medicine and the Kambo practice. “

“I had my first wonderful, challenging, life-changing 3 day kambo experience with Christina. The profundity of my experience is with thanks, of course, to the truly great spirit of the kambo medicine, but also in no small part to Christina’s expert, compassionate, personal care. I’ll be forever grateful to her and this medicine. Thank you!”


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