Christina Earth Song

Hi! I’m Christina birdsong

I’m a passionate learner, former media consumer, avid planner, and wannabe backup singer.

Ultimately, my work is committed to helping those who want to live the life they desire. By freeing themselves of any self-imposed limitations, they can get out into the world and do their life’s work.

That’s what I do, and I’m beyond passionate about it! Healing work came to me pretty early in life, and to say that it has influenced every aspect of my life is an understatement.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Anxiety, depression, poor self image, and even less self-love were part of my everyday experience. These feelings were numbed by binge drinking, cigarettes, and drug use. My relationship with my family was nearly non-existent. My marriage ended and I lost my home and friends in the process. Digging myself out of this dark and lonely hole seemed nearly impossible.

I believe the right people find us at the exact time we need them, as it was around this time that I became good friends with my tattoo artist, Jessica. She was an incredible inspiration in the way she lived her life, which at the time was “unconventional” to me. Meeting her was the pivotal moment when I began to step into the life I was meant to create.

With my friend by my side, I started exploring and building my new life. Having been passionate about reading ever since I can remember, I quickly wore out the alternative healing section at the library and had to turn to the internet. Through my studies in plants and herbal medicine, I learned about Ayahuasca and decided I wanted to drink it to help heal myself. About a year later, in the jungles of Peru, I was helping make the brew our group would be drinking that night. It also happened to be my birthday.

It was that night I experienced my rebirth.

With the critical lens removed, for the first time I was able to see myself through the eyes of unconditional love. Facing years and lifetimes of patterns, traumas, emotions- and pulling them out by their deeply embedded roots- is both challenging and incredibly freeing. These experiences help heal both myself and my family lineage.

While journeying in Brazil, I learn about Kambo when a couple people tell me their stories. Upon my return home, the spirit of Kambo came calling- and I couldn’t ignore its pull! The experience, clarity, and healing were profound, and it was love at first sight! With the frog spirit by my side, I’m fully present in creating my life. Viva Kambo!!

When I’m not holding Kambo ceremonies, you can find me:


  • Doing my daily Qigong practice. I study under Yuan Tze’s Ren Xue methods.
  • Grooming dogs- For the past 14 years I’ve spent time with my furry friends AND have been given the freedom to travel/pursue my studies.
  • Going for walks in the woods- Nature and I are BFF’s
  • Singing in the car- For me, the best way to learn other languages has been through songs. And you can sing loud as you want!

Luz de mi vida
Florecer, florecer
Gracias por las presencia
En mi vida
Kambocita mi amor

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